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I was inspired to create this site on finding happiness to share with you some of the  insights for living a happier life that I have gained through my work as a  meditation teacher and mind freedom coach over the years.

In particular, I would like to share how changing your relationship with the mind can help you uncover the natural joy and happiness that always exists at the core of our being.


For many people, happiness is conditional.

If I win the lottery, meet the right partner, receive an apology, find my life purpose - then I will be happy.

While we are waiting for things to change, our happiness is postponed. We live in a state of 'becoming' happy.

Finding happiness is seen as a goal to be achieved in some future moment when conditions are ripe.

And even when conditional happiness does arrive, it is generally short-lived because it is never long before there is something else to change, fix or figure out first.

So, the question is:

"Instead of waiting for happiness to magically land in our laps one day, is it possible to learn how to BE happy (or at least happier) right NOW, regardless of what is going on in our lives?

And the answer? A resounding YES.

In fact, I would say that right now is the only time that happiness can be experienced.

It is my hope I can help shine some light on your path to a happier life through:                         

• the articles on this website

• my e-book Kick The Thinking Habit

my online PAL Coaching sessions

The site is divided into the following three main themes:

Creating a Happiness Mindset

 Changing Your Relationship with the Mind

Happiness Beyond the Mind


Happiness As A Mindset     

Most people are about as happy as they decide to be - Abraham Lincoln

Finding happiness, to a great extent, comes from making this simple decision: "Today, whatever presents itself, I choose to be happy."

We can learn to consciously change how we habitually respond to the events that show up in our lives. Whatever we are experiencing in any given moment, there are always choices we can make which increase (or decrease) our  level of happiness. Happy people consistently make choices which lean towards happiness.

See the following pages:

definition of happiness         how to be happy          happiness is a choice       

 Changing Our Relationship With the Mind

A major block to finding happiness for many people is the incessant mental chatter that goes on in their heads, especially when it is negative or judgmental.

Being subjected to the same old patterns playing over and over like worn-out gramophone records can be stressful and make you want to pull your hair out.

Check out the following pages for some tips on how to pull the plug on an overactive mind:

   addictive thinking      how to stop thinking         dealing with a monkey mind

If you are looking for some simple and effective ways to pull the plug on the negative mental chatter in your head, you may also wish to read my 157-page e-book 

Kick The Thinking Habit

which draws on my experience as a  meditation teacher and is packed full of tips, exercises and insights to help you think less and enjoy life more.


Happiness Beyond The Mind 

Children are generally much more in touch with their authentic, joyful natures than adults are. Why is this?

There are two reasons. First, children have no pre-conceived ideas of what happiness 'should' look like and secondly, most adults are so caught up in addictive thinking that they fail to notice the peace, joy and happiness which are always present beyond the movements of the mind.

Finding happiness is a bit of a misnomer. It is always there. We are simply too busy thinking to notice. When the mind is still, everything we seek is already there. The best tool for achieving this is to find some form of regular meditation practice.

See: mindful meditation      the benefits of meditation       happy here and now  

I hope you find the site both fun and enlightening! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or just to say hi! :-)

You can email me at

Peace and Happiness, Richard

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