How changing your relationship with the mind can

help you break free of mental suffering for good  

In ‘Kick the Thinking Habit’ Richard Paterson offers a clear and concise template for thinking less and reclaiming the peace and love that your heart has always wanted - Sandy C. Newbigging best-selling author of :

                          THUNK! How to Think Less for Serenity and Success

Dear friend,

Is incessant mental chatter robbing you of your peace and enjoyment of life?

Are you sick and tired of listening to the same old patterns relentlessly playing over and over in your head like worn-out gramophone records and can't see a way out?

Maybe you have been down route of workshops, counseling or therapy ...but still feel stuck?

     I would like to offer a solution you may not have considered

            - a solution so simple most people completely overlook it.

I would like to show you a way to knock thinking on the head for good and to experience peace right NOW matter how busy your mind is.

"This is the best technique I have ever come across. I have been searching for years for ways to stop thinking. No one has ever suggested this. I can't believe it is so simple!!! Thank you so much. I will be sharing your book in the hope that it will help others as well! Rosie, Edinburgh


For years, my mind was like an out-of-control Frankenstein monster that seemed to have a life of its own. I believed I had no option but to listen to its incessant ramblings.

I tried many ways to break free. I read countless self-help books, attended workshops, travelled to ashrams in India, always in the belief that if I could find a way to change my unpleasant thoughts into pleasant ones, peace would be there.

I became a monk in 2004 and shortly after beginning a 6-month meditation intensive, I was struck by a simple revelation which brought about a profound and immediate shift in my experience. I saw that:


                    We don't suffer because of our thoughts

      We suffer because of our relationship WITH our thoughts

The whole time I had been tying to fix the mind but I now saw that the mind itself is NOT the problem. We give the mind power over us through the unconscious habit of:

                                 •   giving it all of our attention
                                 •   believing everything it tells us (it tells a lot of lies)
                                 •   fighting and struggling against it
                                 •   taking the thoughts too seriously
                                 •   believing we ARE the thoughts

       In truth, the mind only has as much power as we give it.

Learn to withdraw your attention from the mind (I will show you how) and it loses its power to affect your peace.

How much simpler is this than the near-impossible approach of trying to 'fix' all your thoughts?

Thank you so much Richard for this wonderful book. My mind has been tormenting me for years and I feel much freer already. I woke up excited this morning, ready to apply this wisdom, especially the part about taking the mind with a large pinch of salt. I will recommend the book to all my friends. Thank you. Angela Brown, Canberra.

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This 157-page book is written in five parts, which loosely represent the stages of my own journey. Reading this book will hopefully enable you to quickly grasp what  took me years to see.

It is important to realise that breaking free of the influence of thinking need not take any time at all, regardless of how stuck you believe yourself to be. Changing your relationship with thoughts can happen in an instant.


                     SETTING THE SCENE

                        unconscious thinking is a habit we have learned at a young age

                        • it is the 'mother of all addictions', affecting practically everyone

                        • we suffer when we take the voices in our heads seriously, believe

                          what they tell us and think that we have no choice but to listen

                        • the mind has NO power other than that which we give it



                       What doesn't work.

                       • alcohol, television, gadgets, over-working, busi-ness

                       • self-improvement does NOT address the issue of addictive thinking.

                       • no need to fix or improve the content of the mind in order to experience peace

                       • changing the ideas we have about the mind.



                       • becoming the watcher of the mind rather than being lost in the mind

                       • deeply questioning our false beliefs and unfounded assumptions

                       • taking the mind's version of reality with a large pinch of salt

                       • examining the belief that "there is something wrong with me and with my life"

                       • dropping our resistance to the mind –  accepting it exactly as it is

                       being innocent - letting go of our preconceived ideas and beliefs.


                    THE MECHANICS OF THINKING

                       • exercises for watching the mind

                       becoming the watcher rather than the thinker

                       • thoughts appear by themselves and, when left alone, disappear again

                       • suffering is created by our resistance to thoughts

                       • thinking itself is a choice


                       • the mind pulls us out of this moment and into the past and future 

                       experiencing life second-hand, through the mind's complex filters

                       • how to experience the simple joy of BEING.

                       • present moment awareness stops thinking dead in its tracks

                       • powerful exercises for directing the attention inward

                       • the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Thanks for sharing your book. I have been trapped in the iron grip of excessive thinking and analyzing for many years. It has and is making me miserable. I read your book and while I am not yet free of addictive thinking, it certainly helped me with insights about how to question all the mind's assumptions. Anjali, Hong Kong.

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My name is Richard Paterson.

I have written "Kick The Thinking Habit" to share some simple ideas which really work and which have totally transformed my own life.

If they taught this stuff in school there would be so much less suffering in the world ... not to mention more peace!

I am deeply grateful to my teacher for showing me this simple and effective

way that can be used by anyone to break free of mental suffering – a way that  requires neither time nor effort – only a shift in understanding and where we choose to put our attention.

Paradoxically, trying to escape the mind by tying to fix or change it is precisely what keeps us trapped.

Once we see the mind for what it is and understand the true cause of our mental suffering, the issue is resolved in the seeing itself. There is nothing else we need do.

For the past 8 years, it has been my joy and privilege to share these teachings with others - through talks, workshops, individual coaching sessions and through this book "Kick the Thinking Habit".

"I am 32 years old and have struggled to find happiness since I was a teenager! I have read numerous articles and book excerpts and nothing has really hit home like this. Your truth about not fighting the mind but rather accepting things and refusing to take the blame and guilt that the horrible mental commentator gives is the most liberating experience I have has in this struggle! I had to stop and tell you just how grateful I am for your gift in sharing this material. Thank you , thank you, thank you!" Christine, United States.

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Wishing you all success!

p.s Implementing the strategies in this e-book will immediately make your life much more peaceful and enjoyable, so why delay another day?

All the best, Richard

BUY "Kick The Thinking Habit" NOW as a downloadable
eBook (PDF File) for only $15.00

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