Discovering Your Passion
finding what makes your heart sing

Discovering your passion and immersing yourself in it are important steps to take if you wish to create a more happy and satisfying life for yourself.

Research clearly shows that the happiest people are deeply committed to something that gives their life meaning. They are responding to an inner calling.

Is your daily activity a job or is it your calling?

It is estimated that only 20% of workers are passionate about what they do. This is why the largest number of heart attacks occur on a Monday morning. Some people would rather die than go to work.

In my experience, most people know clearly what they don't like doing  but when asked: "So, what would you love to do?" answer with: "I have no idea."

Happiness occurs naturally when we feel expansive. Discovering your passion and going for it are key steps towards achieving this goal.

Here in Scotland when you ask people "How are you?",  some common responses are : "I'm getting there" , "Well, you know how it is "or "Mustn't grumble I suppose."

There is an almost universal assumption that if you are managing to keep your head above water, you are doing well. People settle for so little.


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How to Go About Discovering Your Passion?

A good place to start is to ask yourself the following questions:

What makes my heart expand?

What make my soul sing?

Which activities make time stand still?

What am I really good at?

Once you have identified those things that you are most passionate about, choose in favour of your passions every day.

When we choose over and over to do the things that matter most to us, we send out a powerful message to the Universe. Through the Law of Attraction we draw to ourselves more and more events that support these passions. This is the way to create magic in your life.

In choosing to go for what you feel passionate about, it is important to disregard the negative voices in your own head that tell you that it is too risky to change direction or to try something new.

The mind will always try to convince you to play safe. Your spirit will always strive for freedom and expansion. Regularly pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone will bring sparkle to your life.

A simple barometer for knowing whether a particular direction will serve your highest growth (and therefore your happiness) or not, is to listen to your heart. If it feels expansive, go for it. If not ....well, then it is up to you.

I have seen over and over how, when I have the courage to follow my heart and step boldly out of my comfort zone - having no idea how things will work out, unexpected events appear out of nowhere to support my choice. This is a thrilling way to live! In fact, this IS living.

When we do what we love from the inside, the outside tends to take care of itself.


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