rediscovering your natural state

Finding bliss is a matter of uncovering our original state. There is nothing we can add to our experience which will bring it closer. What IS required is to strip away that which is covering it up.

Our Original State

We enter this world in a state of ecstasy, a state of pure bliss. In this state, there is no sense of anything missing or of anything needing to be different. The baby feels whole and complete exactly as he/she is.

In fact, there is not even a sense of a separate "me". The development of the individual ego comes later. In the absence of distracting thought, the experience is one of pure, present moment awareness. Like the rest of creation, the baby experiences union with It's Source and therefore perfect contentment. Having never experienced duality, however, the baby is not consciously aware.

finding bliss

How Duality Is Created

As we grow and interact with the world around us, we gradually identify more and more with the idea of a separate me. The experience of "I simply am" becomes one of "I am this and I am that" and duality is created. Notice that I use the word "idea of a separate me" because that is all it is, an idea. Our true nature can never change but we can believe we are something else. In finding bliss, it is important to understand this.

So, our experience becomes one of "I am Scottish, I am male, I am rich/ poor, I am happy/ sad, I am a teacher/ bus driver - and a million other ideas of who we are. In the process, we lose the pure, innocent experience of blissful beingness. Finding bliss is a matter of realising and returning to our original state.


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Case Of False Identity

Think of a 500-Watt light bulb. If you were to cover it with a cloth, then another cloth, and yet another cloth, the bulb would become dimmer and dimmer on the surface. The brightness of the bulb itself would be unaffected but the appearance on the surface would change. This is exactly what happens to us. We have so much of our attention on the cloths (our thoughts, beliefs, concepts etc) that we lose the experience of the bulb (our true, blissful nature) shining brightly inside us.

So, we go to a healer or a therapist in order to fix the cloths replace the sad cloths with happy cloths. It is clear to see that this is not the real issue. Finding bliss is a matter of correcting the mistaken belief that we are the cloths and directly experiencing ourselves as the bulb ....our true, blissful nature.

So, How Do We Achieve This?

The key to rediscovering our bliss and joy is to learn to be more present in each moment stop being distracted so much by thoughts and thinking and by the whole host of false beliefs that we routinely take on board. We need to become more aware of the present moment, just like the baby.

Velcro yourself to this moment and you will discover that your bliss is already there!

The quickest and most direct path to re-experiencing ourseves as the lightbulb is to continually put our awareness there find a tool which will help us break free of the mental habit of identifying with thought. What we put our attention on grows. I would strongly recommend taking up some form of meditation practice.

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