Mind Freedom Coaching
free your mind . awaken the joyful you

Are you troubled by incessant mind chatter and don’t know how to pull the plug?

Are challenging emotions or limiting beliefs holding you back from fully enjoying life?

Has your life lost its sparkle? Are you are looking to re-ignite your feelings of aliveness and purpose?

Maybe I could help you with some one-on-one coaching?

As a spiritual life coach, meditation teacher and author, I have spent the last 14 years helping people make peace with their busy minds and break free of limiting beliefs and challenging emotions to experience more inner peace, aliveness and purpose in their lives.

Like many of my clients now, I spent years trying to fix the content of my mind through therapy,  workshops and self-help books.

I genuinely believed there was something ‘wrong’ with the way I was and that, in order to find peace and happiness, I would first need to change all of my undesirable thoughts, feelings and emotions into more pleasant, more acceptable ones. I equated peace with having only 'nice' thoughts and feelings. Ring any bells?

And then, on a meditation retreat some years back, I made a life-changing discovery which led to a direct experience of peace, even though the content of the mind was just as before. 

I realised that:

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not the issue

The problem lies in how we relate to them

In truth, the mind has no inherent power to affect our peace

We give the mind power over us through the unconscious habit of:

    •    giving it so much attention and importance
    •    believing what it tells us (it tells a lot of lies)
    •    judging, resisting and fighting against it
    •    not seeing that thinking itself is a choice
    •    taking it to be the totality of who we are

Learn to withdraw your attention from the mind (I will show you how) and it loses its power to affect your peace.

Instead of trying to find peace of mind through the near-impossible approach of attempting to “fix” all of your thoughts, learn to enjoy peace with mind straight away through changing how you relate to your thoughts (feelings and emotions) as they arise.

Even if 'negative' thoughts or emotions do arise, it is perfectly possible to continue to experience unbroken peace.

The following quote from my book “Kick The Thinking Habit", sums it up. 

“Leave the mind in peace to do its thing and it will leave you in peace to do yours.”

About Free Your Mind coaching sessions

Sessions are flexible and intuitive according to the specific needs of each individual. 

Generally speaking, we will use dialogue and exercises to explore together some key understandings for directly experiencing peace right away. Understandings such as:

  • everyone, without exception, has a restless and overactive mind. There is nothing wrong. It is simply part of the human design.
  • although thoughts arise automatically, thinking itself is a choice.
  • all thoughts, feelings and emotions appear and disappear within a field of awareness that is always at peace. Learning to develop an intimate relationship with this pure awareness within us is key to experiencing ongoing peace.
  • when you watch the mind with an attitude of non-judgemental acceptance, it loses its power.
  • all problems vanish in the present moment.

It is my joy and passion to share these life-changing insights with others. Life really is too short and too precious to be fighting against the mind.

And I can say from experience that the peace we are all looking for is far closer than most people imagine.

Over the years, I have built up a huge toolbox of exercises and techniques to help people. I am confident that I can show you the way to experiencing peace right now.

Sound too good to be true? 

Why don’t you take me up on my offer of a FREE 15-minute Skype consultation and I will demonstrate that the peace you are seeking is accessible to you NOW.


FREE YOUR MIND coaching sessions are offered via Skype, telephone or in person, if you happen to be nearby.

To book your personal  session(s) or to arrange a FREE !5-MINUTE CONSULTATION please email me at richard@find-happiness.com to arrange a suitable time.
Sessions cost $50 USD / £40 and last approximately one hour.
A block of 3 sessions (recommended) costs $120 / £100

If you have any questions, please email me at the above email address