Putting Happiness First

Put Happiness First And All Else Shall be Added Unto Ye

If you find yourself in a job you merely tolerate, a loveless relationship or a lifestyle you find tedious and uninspiring, then you are making other things more important than your own happiness.

Whether it stems from a fear of the unknown, a fear of the opinion of others or a misplaced sense of duty or loyalty, you are giving more weight to what your conditioned mind (which is always fear-based) is telling you than you are to the intuitive voice inside you that is forever seeking expansion, seeking aliveness.

happiness first

Typically, our parents, our teachers and our society tell us from an early age that the road map to a successful (and happy) life is to study hard, go to university, get a well-paid job, get married, have kids and buy our own home. 

Although, as kids, we are already happy without any of these things, we absorb the programming like sponges.

Nobody tells us to put our own happiness first and to allow that to be our guiding compass in life. Focusing on ourselves is seen to be selfish and irresponsible.

Consider the safety instructions on an airplane. We are told to take our own oxygen first before supplying those around us. In the same way, to truly serve and inspire others, we need to put our own happiness first.

When our (happiness) tank is depleted or empty, what do we have to give others?

If we hate our job, we are hardly going to be a model employee. If we are unhappy in our relationships, what can we possibly give the other? And if we find our life tedious and uninspiring, we are only going to be a burden on everyone around us and on the world.

And yet, devoid of happiness ourselves, (and not knowing any better) we pass the same formula for 'success' on to our own children.

In my view, putting our own happiness first is the best (not to mention the most enjoyable) thing we can do for ourselves, for those around us and for the world. Unhappy people tend to be self-absorbed. It is only through making our own happiness a priority that we can learn what it means to be truly selfless and responsible.

The truest measure of success in life is how unconditionally happy one can become, irrespective of profession, bank balance or worldly attainment.

I know there will be many who find the following statement controversial, but I will say it  anyway. 

Your prime responsibility in this life is to yourself

Learning to love this precious gift of life through being true to our own heart's desire, whatever it may be, is the greatest gift we can give to everyone we come into contact with, including our children and dependents.

The world doesn't need more successful people. It needs more people doing what they love to do.

I am not for a moment saying that having a secure 9-5 job or wishing to live in a big house is in any way a bad thing.  If that is your heart's desire, then terrific! Go for it with all your heart.

What I am saying is to let go of what you feel you SHOULD do or what you feel is expected of you from others and learn to honour and trust your own inner voice, whatever it may be urging you to do.

I remember coming back from one of my extended trips to India and my mother saying: "You are in your thirties now. Don't you think it is about time you settled down and got a proper job?"

I asked: "Why?" to which she replied: "So you can earn money and put a deposit down on a house."

Again I asked:" Why?" "So you can settle down and be happy." she answered.

" I am happy already" I replied. Isn't it interesting how we are also conditioned to believe that by certain stages in our life, we 'should' have achieved certain things.


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In my view, most people have got the happiness formula the wrong way round. We are striving to create certain conditions in our lives in the belief that we will THEN be happy.  When we believe that our happiness is dependent on something first changing in ourselves or in our lives, we live in a state of 'becoming' happy rather than BEING happy.  Happiness is seen as a goal to be achieved in some future moment, when conditions are ripe and not as an expression of our true nature in every moment. 

Have you heard the biblical expression: "Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be added unto ye." 

My interpretation of this is:  "Follow what makes you happy NOW and all your needs (and more) shall be effortlessly provided. I have experienced the truth of this time and time again. When I follow the course of action which feels expansive (even though the fear-based conditioned mind may be yelling "NO") that things work out in ways I could never have imagined.

The Universe, God, Life or whatever you wish to call it, SUPPORTS a happy you! 

When our vibration is high or, in other words, when we are happy, we  align with the flow of Life itself and become powerful magnets. All good things flow effortlessly towards one who is in alignment with life. Through putting happiness first, we open the door to miracles. We turn an existence into a life.

Living in a state of appreciation and gratitude, our relationships become rich and rewarding, we attract to ourselves the perfect work opportunities that support our further growth and our lives become rich and joyful.

Our duty is to follow our hearts and put happiness first.  What happens to us from there is God's business, not ours.


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