Mindfulness practice offers a series of powerful meditation techniques which enable you to effortlessly move beyond the chaotic surface of the mind to experience the peace which exists in the depths of your being. These simple techniques are not associated with any particular religion and require no belief.

In everyday life, our attention is directed outwards into the world. We become lost in the myriad sights, sounds and sensations that surround us.

Like the surface of the ocean, our minds are always on the move. One minute we are up, the next we are down, bobbing around like rudderless boats at the mercy of the waves. In the depths of the ocean, deep below the surface movement, exists a place of profound peace and stillness.

With the right tools to direct our attention inward, we discover that such a place also exists in the core of our own being  ...a place which never changes, a place that has no end, a place of  silence and beauty.

Mindfulness meditation techniques allow us to effortlessly pull the mind inward to its source and give us a direct experience of this exquisite inner world. Finding inner peace becomes simple and effortless.

At first, through habit, the details of the surface movement - your 'story' - continues to grab most of your attention. With time however, as your experience of the stillness deepens, your interest in what is going on at the surface gradually lessens as you disentangle yourself from the clutches of the mind. As my teacher used to say "We suffer because we have a story."

How can I learn?

Visit my website www.thinklessandgrowrich.com for details of upcoming classes.

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