a simple tool for experiencing peace now

Mindful meditation is a simple and practical technique for stilling the mind and accessing a deep level of inner peace and contentment.

Most people spend the majority of their day lost in thought. Through this habitual thinking habit, we are rarely present in this moment, being absorbed by thoughts of past and future.

Addictive thinking is exhausting and is the root of a multitude of problems, including stress, anxiety and worry, which in turn lead to issues with our physical health.

It can truthfully be said that ALL problems stem from unconscious thinking. In the absence of thinking, there are no problems.

What is mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation is a tool for bringing conscious awareness to the thinking process. In the act of observing our minds, without analyzing, without judging, without labeling - simply watching - a space is created in which deeper levels of our being can be experienced.

Mindfulness allows us, naturally and effortlessly, to access the ever-present peace which exists beyond the surface of the mind- the peace of our true nature.

Practicing Mindful Meditation

▪ Find a quiet and comfortable place where you will be undisturbed for 10 to 15 minutes. The length of time can be extended as you deepen your practice.

▪ Sit with your back straight but not rigid. It is important to be comfortable.

▪ Close your eyes and begin to watch the mind in a detached manner. Be an impartial observer of the thoughts, feeling and emotions which arise.

▪ Be aware of how random thoughts simply appear from nowhere. Notice how the mind wants to label some thoughts as "good" and others as "bad".

In practicing mindfulness, we have no interest in the content of the thoughts.

Simply watch without evaluating, without judging, without labeling and without trying to change anything. If you get lost in thought again, that is perfect!

Simply notice that you were thinking and now you are aware again.

Bring your awareness to your breathing. Focus on the sensation of the air going in and out. Pay attention to your belly rising and falling.

You will most almost certainly get lost in thought again. This is fine.

When you become aware that you are thinking, simply bring your attention back to observing the breath, without judgement. Be aware of the impermanance, the constantly changing nature of the mind.

Continue to use awareness of the breath as an anchor. Slowly open your eyes.

When we are lost in unconscious thinking we are slaves to the mind, getting emotionally pulled all over the place. Through the regular practice of mindful meditation we become increasingly aware of the dance of the mind and the roles are reversed. We become the master.

It is not through changing the mind, but through breaking our identification with it, that we ultimately become free. Through allowing it to simply "do it's thing" ...without judgement, without resistance. 

This is the secret of lasting happiness.

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