Finding Happiness with Richard Paterson
spiritual life coach, meditation teacher and author 

Finding happiness is the primary desire of all people everywhere. 

But what is happiness?  And where is it to be found?  

My own search for answers to this all-important question has taken me all over the world. I spent years in India, learning from different gurus. I lived as a monk. I studied Zen meditation in Japan and hung out with indigenous shamans in the Americas. 

And, through all of this, I learned a lot about the causes of human suffering and, more importantly, how to identify and remove the blocks that prevent us from experiencing lasting peace and happiness.

I have been blessed with some wonderful guides along the way and feel passionate about helping others uncover the natural state of happiness that resides within each one of us – through the articles on this website, through one-on-one coaching, mindfulness training and through my ebooks, "Awaken The Happy You" and "Kick The Thinking Habit."

One of the master keys to personal happiness is to serve others and, if I can, in any way, help you experience more happiness in your life, it would bring me great joy. 

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The site is divided into the following three main themes:

Happiness As A Mindset

Most people are about as happy as they decide to be - Abraham Lincoln

Finding happiness, to a great extent, comes from making this simple decision:  "Today, whatever presents itself, I choose to be happy."

We can learn to consciously change how we habitually respond to the events that show up in our lives. Whatever we are experiencing in any given moment, there are always choices we can make which increase (or decrease) our  level of happiness. Happy people consistently make choices which lean towards happiness.



Changing Your Relationship With the Mind

For many people, the main barrier to finding happiness is the incessant mental chatter that goes round and round in their heads, especially when it is negative, fearful or self-critical.

Is an overactive mind robbing you of your inner peace and happiness?

Kick The Thinking Habit reveals a host of practical steps you can implement straight away to pull the plug on a busy mind and reclaim the peace and serenity you yearn for.

You will discover how overthinking is mostly an unconscious habit that you can learn to drop and how the key to experiencing ongoing peace lies, not in changing the mind itself, but in changing how you relate to it.

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Finding Happiness Beyond The Mind 

Children are generally much more in touch with their natural, unconditioned, happy selves than adults are. Why is this?

There are two main reasons.

First, children have no pre-conceived ideas of what a happy life 'should' look like. They are not judging their present experience as unsatisfactory or waiting for things to change before they can be happy.

Secondly, most adults are so distracted by and habitually caught up in their busy minds that they simply fail to notice the peace and happiness which is always present beneath the movements of the mind.

Finding happiness is a bit of a misnomer. Recognising the happiness which is already there is what is needed. We are simply too busy thinking to notice.

When the mind is still, everything we seek is  there. The best tool for achieving this is to find some form of regular meditation practice.


I hope you find the site both fun and enlightening.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or just to say hi! :-)

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Wishing you Peace and Happiness, Richard :)